Record Services

We offers complete information solution.

Physical Records Management

File Storage is about security, accessibility and value. Whether you’re in the medical support and healthcare industries, real estate, law or education fields, Our management has the storage plan that is right for you. Records are the life blood of business, and moving your records off site provides the following benefits :


Store your legacy and active business records in a secure, monitored, video surveyed facility.


Don’t pay QAR 80 per square meter or more to store your records on site when you can utilize that same space more productively, efficiently and profitably with an off-site solution.

Controlled Access

Our process provides a built-in audit trail so you always know where to find your vital business records.


Rest assured your business is in compliance with ISO standards of Documents storage and management.


Your records are stored in a clean, climate-controlled, pest-free environment. They won’t be gathering mildew in a basement or decaying in an attic.

Record Keeping

Let us help you organize your files and create an efficient recordkeeping plan.

Document Scanning Solutions

Our imaging department provides personal service in converting your documents from hard copy to a digital format that you can easily access online.

After assessing your document activity level and general business needs, we scan your active files to convert them to a digital format.

Your scanned files are then placed in your private online document repository, accessible 24 hours a day.

Online Document Repositories

  • Safe, secure access on private network
  • 24 hour access 7 days a week
  • Limitless storage volume capabilities

Unmatched Versaltility

  • Scanning capabilities for variety of sizes
  • Data entry to digitize handwritten documents
  • Back-up offered in multiple formats

We employ only the Best

  • High skilled professionals
  • State of the art imaging technology
  • Extensive quality control procedures

Electronic Document Management Systems

An EDMS (or electronic document management system) is a system to store, manage, and retrieve documents. Being able to access, edit, and distribute documents in one place helps to centralize operations and streamline processes. Isn't that what filing cabinets and network folders are for? Wouldn't adding another system complicate processes?

  • Sure, you could keep using filing cabinets and network folders. But, consider how much time is lost when, in order to revise a document for review, you have to locate the most recent version (which you’re pretty sure was revised by Coworker A even though it’s saved in a folder owned by Coworker B's department). Then once you find it, you download it to your own device and edit. Once edited, you resave to the same folder as before, with a new version name (but the original. file was created by someone who doesn't work there anymore, so no one knows it was you who made the changes). When it comes time for a superior to approve this document, you download and email it to them. Hopefully it doesn’t require a signature, because then they have to print, sign, and scan it to email it back to you.

  • Hopefully not. Because that supposedly most recent version might not have been the right one. And you might have to do it all over again. The right EDMS will capture, store, and retrieve your documents in a way that saves you time, gives you visibility into revisions, and eases your mind about their security.

An EDMS centralizes these processes and gives you more control and oversight. With access determined by IT, you can make sure no one is editing your document who shouldn’t be. That invoice or HR policy can be created, edited, approved, and stored all in the same place. And with the right EDMS, you’ll also be able to email these documents out right from the interface.

      Find your Documents Quicker

      Even the most organized of administrative professionals lose documents sometimes. Or spend 18 minutes too long looking for the right one when someone put it back in the wrong spot or removed it to make a photocopy. Even if only measured in time (forget toner, paper, filing cabinets, folders, and band-aids for those inevitable paper cuts), your gain with an EDMS is enormous. Instead of racking your brain to remember the logic behind which folder was the right one for that budget approval document, you can search “budget” or another keyword in your document management system to find your document quickly and easily.

      Keep your documents secure

      If you didn’t already know that document security was a big issue, hear it now. Are sensitive documents saved securely? Can you control who accesses, changes, prints, or copies them? An EDMS can give you control over who can view a document and visibility into who views and makes revisions.

      Prove that you're compliant with industry regulations

      Do you need to prove compliance with a document trail? When your documents are all in the same place and easily searchable, with visibility into all the changes made, you have all the documentation you need to prove that you’re compliant with any regulations. You may not get all the paper out of your processes, but implementing an EDMS solves key business problems while helping you reach your goals.

Media Rotation Services

We provides cost-effective low maintenance electronic data back-up and recovery services. Is your vital electronic data protected in an emergency? Can you recover data quickly and easily if you experience a major hardware malfunction? Is your data protected from fire, flood, theft and loss?

Data Destruction

When companies buy and deploy new technologies, their new challenge is to dispose the old and outdated IT hardware. There are several complexities associated with this, as the companies cannot just throw away their old equipment as they like or pass them to the third party companies due to the associated data security, safety, confidentiality, compliance and environmental risks and policies with it. For disposal of outdated IT assets such as servers, hard drives, storage, networking and other data center equipment, we are providing a secure environment friendly data disposal service with a comprehensive solution for data security following all the International Security Standards.

How it Works?

Hardware Registration

You can register for a new account in TFSBS and after the completion of registration, we will set an inventory to capture your outdated IT assets’ serial numbers, models and quantities.

On-site Data Destruction

We have well trained and experienced professionals, that can assist you in selecting the most secure and suitable method of destroying your data. We also offer on-site & off-site services such as: data wiping, degaussing, crushing and shredding.

Hardware Recycling

To guarantee zero landfill, zero incineration, we utilizes recognized green solutions. We ensure that all the materials are processed in an eco-friendly manner to maximize the re-use of all the components.

Secure Data Disposal

At the end of the process, we team will provide full documentation, acknowledging that the Data was destroyed and/or your outdated IT assets were recycled according to the industry’s best practice.

Compliance and Procedures

TFSBS is WEEE certified company and all the services are in accordance with security codes and standards set as per the WEEE directives.


      Go green

      Your organization will be in line with the industry’s best practice and thus continue to have a competitive edge.

      Secure Data

      Our main focus is to guarantee the security of your valuable data, during the data disposal at our place or on-site. Our data destruction centers are highly secure with a CCTV monitoring in place to keep a close watch on the process.

      Premium Logistics

      To offer a premium data disposal service, we provides all required resources like packing, collection, transportation, inventory and decommissioning on its own from the site or on site.

Secure Shredding & Destruction

Why Choose Us for your Offsite Shredding Service?

Local Customer Service: Dedicated service managers and direct points of contact save time and frustration. No outsourced customer service lines, or call center support.

Simple Pricing Schedule

  • We use flat-rate, or per-unit serviced billing so you can easily estimate and understand your shredding costs
  • No surcharges, so you will not have any unexpected fees on your invoice.
  • No price increases.


Don’t pay QAR 80 per square meter or more to store your records on site when you can utilize that same space more productively, efficiently and profitably with an off-site solution.

Achieve Compliance

Our service process in writing on all of our service agreements, combined with a certificate of destruction issued after each service, helps to prove that you have done your due diligence to protect your sensitive information, and will provide a check in the box for your internal and/or external audits.


  • Information remains under lock & key throughout the transportation process
  • GPS tracked trucks
  • Alarmed, monitored, secure facility
  • Secure destruction within 72 hours, per NAID standards
  • Highly trained, routinely screened service professionals

Achieve your Recycling Initiatives

100% of your paper will be recycled following secure destruction. We will calculate your paper recycling totals, to help in your efforts to achieve your recycling goals, and carbon footprint reduction.

Customize the service to your needs

Purge Service

  • Annual bulk shredding projects
  • Short-term container delivery/pick up options
  • Storage facility pick ups
  • Residential pick ups
  • Basement & attic cleanouts
  • Store,Scan, then shred

On Going Service

We will provide you with secure containers to fill with your sensitive documents. Pick up schedules are customized to accommodate your unique volume. Service schedules can be easily changed as your business changes.

Consultancy Services

As a general rule of thumb, the more documents you manage the bigger the need to improve your document management system. A successful company is focused more on customer relevant tasks and less on moving paper around the office. When internal bureaucracy starts affecting customers, it gets even worse. You don’t want anything to interfere with the quality management of your product or service. Especially your internal business process inefficiency. This leads to unhappy customers. There are numerous solutions for your business. Depending on the type of company or institution you are, some enterprise file systems work better than others.

Process Mapping

We experts will conduct a complete Study on your current methods of Record, Document and Workflow Management practices. We will study the different processes and will map them utilizing the latest tools and scientific methods.

Process Re- Engineering

After conducting the initial Study, we will utilize our extensive experience, know how, time and motion studies and process improvement methodologies to redefine your process and make sure they are in line with your expectations and Best Practices.


Based on a gap analysis and using different tools, we can recommend the suitable technologies that your organization need to meet its challenges and demands.

Solution Design

In addition to all above we can customize a comprehensive solution and implement it using our expertise, tools and infrastructure.