TFS-BS is a growing IT-services and software development company based in Qatar . Our services comprises a thoughtfully crafted blend of different digital solutions: E-commerce, branding,web, mobile, custom, cloud and data analytics, etc. we provide these services seperately or all-together to fulfill your business requirements.

Formed in 2018, Tradify Services has expanded its IT Business Services and Solutions rapidly across Qatar. Tradify Services are developing and implementing innovative digital solutions that support the business transformation of clients and address the IT and ITES requirement. From small scale industries to Enterprise clients we provide end to end IT solutions. We believe in earning the client rather than bought. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it.

Who we truly are..

We at TFS-BS make environmentally-conscious decisions while also maintaining a competitive edge. We strongly believe in respecting our planet earth and environment. We pride ourselves in being eco-positive and eco-friendly. Running a more eco-friendly IT department is just good business. Environmentally-friendly practices are usually more efficient, particularly when it comes to running costs. We go the extra mile to empower your business to reach your eco friendly aspirations while being cost effective.

TFS-BS occupies an incredibly strategic and valuable real estate on corporate networks. We are one of those hidden gems that has been disrupting the market as a key player in the rapidly growing space of managed IT services.

TFS-BS delivers complete IT services. We are locally-owned and operated. We help our clients achieve their best through the most appropriate technology solutions. We deliver industry leading flexible IT solutions in our value propositions, products and services that evolve according to our clients real world business needs and business goals. We believe that all business can benefit from our professionally curatted services.

TFS-BS is a leading provider of scalable solutions in:

Talent Management

Eco Friendly Electronic

Business Branding

IoT Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence

Block Chain Technology

Enterprise Data Management

End User IT Support

TFS delivers increased employee productivity

Optimized system performance

Strategic value through measurable infrastructure


To become a leading performer in this competitive global marketplace while empowering our clients to achieve their goals towards the overall vision of their business with the most effective IT Solutions.


We are committed to help businesses achieve their goals through effective IT management. Through a unique consulting and planning process, we can utilize technology in a way that creates value for your organization.

Our company motto is ‘more uptime means a better bottom line’ and we apply this logic to everything we do.