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Tradify Services W.L.L. Qatar is a distinguished specialist in ICT Development & Engineering, headquartered in Qatar with a global presence in Iraq, Dubai, India, and Lebanon. With over a decade of experience, Tradify Services is dedicated to providing end-to-end personalized technology solutions for a wide range of sectors.

*Core Competencies:*
– *ICT Development & Engineering:* Pioneering innovation in ICT solutions.
– *Blockchain and Digital Transformation:* Leading the way in blockchain technology.
– *Robotics and AI Integration:* Developing cutting-edge robotic solutions.
– *Data Management and Decision-Making Solutions:* Empowering data-driven decisions.
– *Multi-sector Expertise:* Offering solutions for e-Commerce, ERP, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, and more.
– *Technology Transfer Initiatives:* Introducing innovative global tech products to Qatar.
– *LMS (Learning Management System):* Delivering advanced training and e-learning solutions.
– *Investment Services:* Facilitating investments in tech ventures.
– *Company Formation:* Assisting in company establishment and growth strategies.
– *Cybersecurity:* Ensuring robust digital security for businesses.
– *E-commerce Solutions:* Enabling online retail and digital commerce growth.
– *Creative Video Graphics:* Crafting engaging and visually captivating video content.
– *AI (Artificial Intelligence):* Harnessing AI for advanced problem-solving.
– *Office Automation:* Streamlining workflow processes and enhancing efficiency.
– *CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television):* Providing cutting-edge surveillance and security solutions.
– *Exit Technology:* Expertise in exit strategy planning and implementation.
– *Hellogram:* Innovative solutions leveraging holographic technology.
– *Microsoft Licensing:* Authorized reseller and expert in Microsoft products and services.

*Key Highlights:*
– In-depth local and regional market knowledge.
– Proactive approach to industry trends and digital transformation.
– Extensive talent pool of IT specialists.
– Licensed reseller and developer of robotics.
– Collaboration with industry leaders, including Microsoft.
– Strategic focus on sustainable growth, innovation, and market expansion.


We kindly request a meeting with our Manager and CEO to explore potential collaboration opportunities and discuss how Tradify Services can support and enhance your company’s digital strategies and technology needs. Please let us know a convenient time for this meeting, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can contribute to your company’s success.




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Shaz SaleemC.T.O Logo
 Head Office – Doha, Qatar Branches – Iraq (Baghdad, Erbil) +974 4464 9260 +974 7722 6543 [email protected]

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